ICP Mission Statement

To educate, encourage and register voters and potential voters on the importance of full citizen participation in all elections. To serve as a catalyst for voter registration resulting in increased participation for all citizens that are eligible to vote.

The primary function of this organization is to get out the VOTE (GOTV)! It is to encourage all voters to actively participate or take an active role in the electoral process regardless of political affiliation.

ICP Mission Pillars

We have selected three pillars of focus for our mission.

Register Voters

Get Out The Vote


Select each section below to find out more about each pillar.

Our state’s laws make it unnecessarily difficult to register voters. Individuals who serve as deputy registrars play a vital role in the democratic process by registering people to vote. We have selected this as one of ICP’s core pillars to help explain the process and make it easy for people to help your fellow Texans make their voices heard.

This is a quick and easy pillar to accomplish and it is possible to become VDR’s for both Travis and Williamson counties. The more VDR’s we have available, the more we can assist at all locations to help get people registered.

You can become a VDR at the following training sessions

Williamson County

Training classes are offered the first and third Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm and 6:00pm. See link to register for classes.

Travis County

Monthly training classes for volunteers interested in becoming VDRs are held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 10:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and the 1st Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m  See link to register for classes.

Sign up to help register people

League of Women Voters

Indivisible Cedar Park does not specifically endorse a candidate during the primaries or primary runoffs, however many of our members have chosen to join a campaign here or there and do support work that way.

However, once we come to the main election, our members discuss together and decide on the candidates they will be supporting and endorsing as a group.  Then we get busy.  Each candidate has their own campaign manager and we jump in to help wherever we can. Phone Banking, Block Walking, delivering signs, attending presentations and hosting open house parties. Many of us had not ever done this before, but now are feeling like old pro’s. It actually is a lot of fun, and very therapeutic to be active.

Know someone who would be interested in being involved with Indivisible?  Show them this website, invite them to a meeting. Contact us on our contact page to find out more ways we connect through social media.

Meet the running candidates, find out more ways to help, investigate the topics of concern. At each of the ICP meetings we will examine and discuss the many topics of the current political arena.  Sign up for our mail list to also get more detailed information and action items. Sign up here

Indivisible Cedar Park – How this Group was Started

Hello, my name is Melissa Crijns. I am the Leader of Indivisible Cedar Park (ICP).  I, and 7 of my neighbors, all strangers at the time, started this group in February 2017 after meeting on Nextdoor.  We met one night out of mutual interest in becoming more civically involved.  We all shared a common concern about the direction our country was headed.  After meeting several times and seeing the group rapidly expand (yes, there are a lot of people in Cedar Park that share our progressive values!), we decided to put together a mission statement:

To educate, encourage and register voters on the importance of full citizen participation in all elections.

The primary function of our group is to get out the VOTE (GOTV)! It is to encourage all voters to participate in the electoral process regardless of political affiliation.

Most of us are Democrats but we have many Independents as well as some Republicans in ICP.  We meet weekly, often having speakers come and talk to us about topics of shared interest, such as climate change, immigration policy, gun safety, water policy and women’s health concerns.  We also hold candidate forums during campaign season. Many of us volunteer to knock on doors, write post cards, make phone calls and host meet and greets for candidates.

ICP is a group of concerned citizens, moms and dads, blue-collar and white-collar workers, career professionals and retirees, military personnel and veterans, who are exercising our constitutional right to defend our democracy, our norms and our progressive values.

If you have any questions about ICP or would like to attend one of our meetings, please reach out to us. You can join our mailing list on this website or our Facebook page “Indivisible Cedar Park” to learn more about our events.

As ever in solidarity,