Early Voting has Begun!

It has been a whirlwind couple of months, and as we start the week with coffee in hand, we want to share a post a good friend has posted on their social media pages. Echos our thoughts well.

Now, finish up that coffee, y’all, and get out and go VOTE!!  🙂


Today is the start of Early Voting in our Cedar Park City Elections! While their opponents continue the most negative campaigns we have ever seen in our area – our candidates continue to be positive and talk about their actual IDEAS instead of always simply attacking their opponents. In that spirit that Patrick, Michael and Shellie have continued to request not only from themselves but from their supporters as well – I am going to post the reasons we support and believe in each of the candidates we will be voting for. I’ll start in order, with Place 2 for City Council:

We are supporting Michael Thompson for Cedar Park City Council – Place 2 because, as a Sr. Software Engineer for IBM with international experience, he is clearly the most knowledgeable candidate on technology and attracting the industries of the future we need to bring to Cedar Park to keep our area vibrant and appealing to young professional families. Michael has also taken a lot of time to fully understand sustainability issues and the advantages of bringing more well paying renewable energy industries to Cedar Park, as well. Furthermore, as we have gotten to know Mike over the last few months, I am constantly awestruck by what a genuinely kind, accepting and decent man he is – who is rarely seen when he isn’t working without carrying one or both of his two young daughters everywhere he goes. He is a loving family man, a supportive friend and a fiscally responsible professional. Michael believes in diversity and the inclusion of everyone from all sides and viewpoints when it comes to building teams and coalitions to tackle our biggest challenges in the coming years. He will definitely be able to work with all Council members and City staff in a collaborative and professional manner. These are just a few of the reasons Bob and I both will be voting for Michael Thompson for Place 2 on Cedar Park City Council.

The next candidate we are supporting for Cedar Park City Council – Place 4 is someone we know well, our good friend and neighbor Patrick Walz. Patrick is a Civil Engineer and a Certified Safety Professional/Manager for a major national firm. Therefore, Patrick has a stronger background than most to really understand the infrastructure and drainage issues that are such an important part of many decisions made by municipalities. I think every City Council could benefit from having someone with a Civil Engineering background on their team.

Patrick is also always a strong voice for all citizens of all backgrounds within our city. We have watched him speak up when he has felt someone’s safety is at risk, for children’s health issues and any time he sees someone treated unfairly, shunned or ostracized for any reason. Many who know him personally know he will always have the best interest of every resident in his community at heart.

Patrick is also a devoted and active family man. His wife Lauren is an Attorney in the renewable energy industry and their two adorable young daughters benefit from their mom being active with Girl Scouts while Patrick co-directs a children’s running program in our area. It’s rare to drive down their block in the afternoons or weekends and not see the Walz family out riding bikes and playing with the other neighborhood children while the parents all visit with one another. Patrick himself is an active bike rider and volunteer participant in a variety of areas within the community.

Patrick would be a huge asset to our Cedar Park City Council and we encourage every local friend to go vote for Patrick for Place 4 during early voting this week.

The third candidate we are supporting for Cedar Park City Council – Place 6 is Shellie Hayes McMahon. Shellie is the consummate professional with a calm, compassionate and steady voice, no matter what is thrown her way. She has many years in retail management, event planning and HR – so she has the patience and people skills to work well with others on City Council, as well as City staff and the general public.

Shellie is a loving wife and mother of two sons. She cares deeply about the health, education, security and mobility of all of our citizens – regardless of age, income, disability, ethnic or socio-economic background.

Shellie is also the proud daughter of a Vietnam veteran, so she has a desire to help honor our local veterans through local recognition and better services. Shellie currently serves on the City of Cedar Park PACE Board, helping oversee our parks, arts projects and memorials throughout our city.

If you believe as we do, in a diverse and inclusive Cedar Park for all of our citizens – please join us in voting for Shellie Hayes McMahon for Cedar Park City Council – Place 6.

Meeting New Cedar Park City Council Candidates

Earlier today we met three of the people running for Cedar Park City Council positions. Wow. Great people!! We very quickly were impressed with them. Intelligent, passionate, wanting only good for our city, and to represent all. We are pretty excited about the upcoming months to help support their campaign.

Thought we would release a fun story of how they fell into running for theses positions so you can get to know them as well.

Better Together, an origin story

It was a snowy Thursday in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Michael read his e-mail: “If you want to serve, what have you got to lose?” Fast forward to the following Monday, and Mike sat in the Cedar Park City Secretary’s office swearing the oath of candidacy after having just met Shellie Hayes-McMahon and Patrick Walz…

Shellie, Patrick and Michael had all decided to run for Cedar Park City Council separately. Each person had their own motivation and inspiration to serve. While independent, they recognized in each other a synergy that could be powerful. They could learn together, campaign together, and serve together. This is how Better Together started.

Patrick’s personal passion for ensuring all are felt welcome in our community, and that they know someone has their back, propelled him into running. Patrick is resolute that our community be warm, inclusive and welcoming. His professional experience as a civil engineer will be highly valuable to the council as it tackles the land use, traffic and other infrastructure issues which are ahead of the city.

Shellie’s experience managing businesses and people make her exceptionally well qualified to represent the needs of our citizens who are not represented today. Her business experience means she understands and is capable at balancing fiscal reality with taking care of people. To Shellie, the calling to serve stems from her belief that representation matters.

Mike’s interest in technology, science, the economy and the environment are what got him politically engaged in the first place. With a strong desire to serve his community and to champion the protection of the environment are what motivated him to run. Bringing a background of software engineering and offering management with IBM, he will focus on attracting technology and other jobs to Cedar Park.

Each brings their own personal passions and experience. Each have a strong desire to serve the city they love. Their passions and experience compliment each other, and they all believe that city government needs to be Inclusive, Sustainable and Fiscally Responsible. This is why we are Better Together.    http://bettertogetherforcedarpark.com

– Michael Thompson for Place 2, https://thompson4cedarpark.com/


– Patrick Walz for Place 4,   https://walzforcedarpark.com/